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​LANXESS's Organometallics products (marketed under the trade name AXION®) are essential components in a wide variety of end-use applications. Among some of the most recent innovations, AXION technology is used in the newest generation of catalyst systems for olefin oligomerization and polymerization. The so-called Single Site Catalyst systems utilize AXION MAO as an activator, in combination with metallocenes, to achieve new levels of performance in engineered plastics.

Emerging technologies hold the potential to supplement the world's energy mix with options that convert solar energy into electricity. LANXESS Organometallics is a leading supplier of technology—including diethylzinc (DEZ) and Trimethylaluminium (TMA)—used in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) applications for increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic modules.

LANXESS Organometallics is also at the forefront of the growing LED market. The use of LEDs is increasing rapidly, fueled by backlighting and general illumination applications which require more energy efficiency. LANXESS Organometallics produces and markets high-purity metal organic precursors—TMA, Trimethylgallium (TMG), Triethylgallium (TEG), Trimethylindium (TMI)—used as key materials in the manufacture of these LED chips, as well as other semiconductor applications.