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Polymerization Catalysis

LANXESS Organometallics offers a broad range of catalyst components for all important low pressure processes operated with Ziegler-Natta type, Single-site and other specialized catalyst systems. The offering includes metal alkyl co-catalysts and catalyst support precursors, external stereomodifiers (donors), metallocenes and aluminoxane based metallocene activators. The most important target applications are:

Aluminum, boron and zinc alkyl co-catalysts, as well as magnesium alkyl catalyst support precursors and alkyl silane stereomodifiers (donors) are all used in Ziegler-Natta type catalysts for the production of a vast variety of PE ( LLDPE, HDP) and PP resin grades with all state-of-the-art gas phase, slurry and solution polymerization process technologies.
Metallocenes, aluminoxane based metallocene activators and aluminum alkyl based co-catalysts and scavengers are used in Single-site catalyst systems for the production of a variety of high performance PE, PP and other olefin (co-)polymer resin grades with superior properties.

Aluminum alkyl co-catalysts and aluminoxane activators are well established as key components used in Ziegler-Natta type and Single-site catalyst systems for production of certain polyolefin elastomers like NBR and EPDM.

Olefin Oligomers
Aluminum and magnesium alkyls are important co-catalysts for olefin oligomerization. Typical olefin oligomers produced are C4 – C20 alpha olefins.

Other Polymers
Organotin catalysts are used in polycondensation and esterification processes, as well as in polymer modification.

Coatings Catalysis

LANXESS’ portfolio contains high-performance catalysts for Electrodeposition Coatings (EDC), polyester-based coatings and general esterification applications. We offer various grades of dibutyl and dioctyl tin oxides, tailor-made for different applications in polymerization catalysis.

LANXESS’ dibutyl oxide and dioctyl tin oxide catalysts (DBTO and DOTO) are used for the curing of Electro Deposition Coating (EDC) paints, widely used as anti-corrosion primer coatings for car bodies, but also for corrosion protection of household appliances.

Other Coating Apps
LANXESS’ tin-based catalysts are used for the production of esters, polyesters and polycarbonates. They are also suitable for the curing of polyester-based coating resins. Dibutyltin dibutoxide (DBTDB) is used for curing of special adhesives and sealants.

Glass Coating

LANXESS offers tailor-made tin precursors for glass coatings. Pyrolytic Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) or spray coating with monobutyltin chloride (MBTCl) forms thin, transparent and durable layers of tin dioxide (SnO2) on glass. SnO2 coatings on glass containers provide mechanical stability and scratch resistance. Doped SnO2 coatings on flat glass provide thermal insulation and heat reflection in windows, and transparent electrical conductive oxide layers (TCO) for electronic devices.

Container Glass
Our organotin glass coating precursors provide superior mechanical stability and scratch resistance to container glass.

Flat Glass
Our organotin precursors provide superior mechanical and scratch resistance. Other advantages are thermal insulation and heat reflection in sheet (window) glass.

Pharma and Fine Chemicals

Our products are used as reagents in the production of pharmaceuticals and other fine chemicals to conduct complex chemical reactions. They are generally used to make active ingredients or key building blocks for pharmaceuticals.

Metal Alkyls
In addition to their outstanding performance as catalyst components in polymerization and oligomerization reaction, LANXESS's metal alkyls are very effective alkylation and reducing agents in organic synthesis and can also be used in olefin metathesis and Friedel-Crafts reactions with aromatic substrates.

Organotin Compounds
LANXESS offers tailor-made organotin reagents such as tributyltin hydride (TBTH), tributyltin chloride (TBTCL), tributyltin oxide (TBTO) and trioctyltin chloride (TOTCL) which provide a specific performance in a large variety of organic synthesis.


LANXESS is a leading supplier of specialty organometallics used in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technologies for photovoltaic applications.

Polycrystalline Cells
Performance enhancing technologies like ALD and CVD are being used for module backsheet passivation. LANXESS offers dedicated precursors like TMA for A2O3 layers for the individual technologies.

ThinFilm Modules Diethylzinc (DEZ) is used in new thin film photovoltaic solar panel technologies as a precursor for Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO)-layers in both micro crystalline Silicon based and CIGS-based technologies.
Based on the experience in the Glass Coating industry MBTCl precursor is used in common SnO2-based TCO-layer manufacturing suitable for photovoltaic elements.

Industrial Tin Intermediates
LANXESS offers tin intermediates for the production of PVC stabilizers. Stabilizers improve PVC properties and resistance against degradation by heat, light and weathering. LANXESS‘s broad portfolio for PVC tin stabilizers intermediates includes butyl and octyl tin chlorides and oxides, and tetraalkyltin compounds. Since organotin stabilizers are subject to local regulations, we offer a range of products to suit specific EU and US requirements.


LANXESS Organometallics offers tailored precursors used in the semiconductor industry.

High Brightness LEDs
LANXESS manufactures and sells a variety of high-purity metal organic precursors. These are essential for our customers who manufacture high-brightness LEDs for the illumination and other markets, as well as for BLU, automobile, and other applications.

Other Electronic Appl.
LANXESS Organometallics offers tailored precursors finally used in the semiconductor industry.