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A strong team of talented employees, committed to delivering the very best solutions for their customers, is the key to success at Chemtura Organometallics Specialties. We are delighted to have a fully engaged group of individuals, willing to develop strong working partnerships with our customers.  

Our customers tell us they like working with us. We invite you to give us the opportunity to demonstrate it.  

Our mission is to be the world's best organometallic specialties provider and our customers' first choice as a committed supplier who listens carefully to their needs, works in partnership with them and brings added value through innovative and reliable products, service and support.  

Chemtura Organometallics Specialties' core competency is the production and safe handling of selected reactive organometallic products. The combination of 50 years of operation and innovative development excellence with our global supply chain capabilities are the basis for a sustainable customer-oriented business model.  

We are a global partner for manufacturing, marketing and developing specialty organometallic products such as  catalyst components in in polymer production using Ziegler-Natta ("Z/N") technology or Single Site Catalysts ("SSCs"),  Organotin Intermediates for PVC or catalyst applications,  glass coating and automotive anticorrosion coatings,  enablers for the synthesis of organic fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals,  and key base materials for the production of semiconductor devices and photovoltaic modules and other electronics and high-brightness LEDs.​  

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