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Product Information


We have developed our product portfolio of Synthetic Base Fluids, Lubricant Additives and Formulated Lubricants to meet the needs and challenges of the lubricant market. From energy efficiency to surface protection and extending the life of equipment, our products are designed for compatibility and the highest performance.​

Synthetic Base Fluids

SYNTON® High Viscosity PAO
Highly saturated linear/ branched polymers that can be used as Synthetic Base Fluids and as Viscosity Modifiers in high performance Synthetic Lubricant formulations.
LANXESS’s HVPAO’s are utilized in demanding Automotive and Industrial applications:-
• Recognised for exceptional quality and consistency
• High VI provides optimal flow for increased system efficiency at both low and high temperatures
• Excellent shear stability supports optimal lubricant film thickness and protection in contact zones
• Outstanding oxidative and thermal stability supporting the drive for extended drain intervals

HATCOL® Synthetic Esters
Include monoester, diester, triester and polyol Ester chemistry reflecting the broadest portfolio in the industry.
Our Ester chemistry is utilized in Engine Oils, Air Compressor Oils, Oven Chain Oils, Gas Turbine Oils, Transformer Oils and Grease:-
• Pioneers in the manufacture of Specialty Esters since 1989
• Industry recognized as leading innovators in the development of novel Ester chemistry
• Producer of “Super Clean” Esters utilizing proprietary high temperature reactors and distillation
• Extensive range and performance level to meet the changing formulation needs within this dynamic market

Lubricant Additives

NAUGALUBE® Antioxidants
A comprehensive range of ashless alkylated diphenylamine antioxidants which provide excellent inhibition in a vast array of Mineral and Synthetic Lubricants.
Our antioxidants are utilized in a broad range of Automotive and Industrial Lubricants:-
• Manufactured for over 30 years, with an extensive global footprint
• Renowned for high quality and consistency
• Continue to support formulators in meeting the high demands of today’s Automotive and Industrial lubricants standards
• Continue to innovate and explore new technology for the future

LOBASE® and HYBASE® Detergents
An extensive range of Neutral and Overbased Detergents that are tailored to provide excellent detergency, low reactivity, corrosion protection and EP performance. Used widely in engine oil formulations covering both Mobile and Stationary applications. Also used as a fuel oil additive to control high temperature corrosion in gas turbines used for power generation:-
• Manufactured at multiple locations for over 50 years
• Recognized throughout the industry for their exceptional performance, consistency and stability
• Extensive range of neutral to 500TBN detergents
• Allows formulators to develop lubricants that protect engines operating on varying quality fuels

DURAD® Anti-wear Additives
A range of phosphate ester based ashless anti-wear and EP additives used in Industrial Lubricants and Functional Fluids:-
• Over 40 years of production and supply from our dedicated phosphate ester facility
• Recognized throughout the industry for their exceptional performance, stability and consistency
• Effective in reducing friction and wear under highly loaded boundary lubrication conditions
• Extensive portfolio which includes regulation compliant chemistry

NAUGALUBE® Anti-Wear Additives
Organic anti-wear additives specially developed for use in Automotive Engine Oils to prolong engine life:-
• Organic liquid additive which is free from metals, Sulfur and Phosphorus
• Synergistic with ZDDP to optimize performance
• No friction increase while protecting the surface
• Helps to sustain the integrity of an engine’s catalytic converter

CALCINATE™, SURCHEM™, BARINATE™ Corrosion Inhibitors
A wide range of specialty Sulfonate products that are used for corrosion inhibition and EP/AW performance in Metalworking, General Industrial and Grease formulations:-
• Neutral to overbased sulfonates to meet your formulating needs
• Lowest sediment/highest clarity crystalline Calcium Sulfonates commercially available
• Stabilized “nano” sized micelle chemistry(0.5nm to 200nm) for exceptional quality and performance
• Chemistry designed for desired clarity, solubility, compatibility and/or EP/AW performance
• Enhanced corrosion inhibition from Barium technology

Formulated Lubricants

REOLUBE® Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids
A comprehensive range of fire resistant Phosphate Ester based Lubricants. Specifically designed to meet stringent operating demands and OEM specifications in a wide variety of General Industrial and modern Power Generation applications, where the risk of fire is high:
• Over 40 years of production and supply from our dedicated Phosphate Ester facility
• Exceptional performance in severe fire risk applications
• Acknowledged by Factory Mutual Insurance (FM Global) & carry the FM Kitemark
• Recognized throughout the industry for their exceptional quality and consistency

EVEREST® Refrigeration Lubricants
Designed to impart optimum performance and longer service life to today's new energy efficient and environmentally friendly HFC-based refrigeration systems:
• Industry recognized as leading innovators in specialty Ester chemistry for refrigeration
• Designed to impart optimum performance to today's new energy efficient & environmentally friendly HFC-based refrigeration systems
• Backwardly integrated into our POE Base Fluids
• High and consistent chemical purity lubricants with
• Very low moisture content
• No contamination with unwanted esters

ROYCO® Aviation & Defense Fluids
LANXESS Corporation has over 70 years leadership experience in the development and manufacture of MIL-SPEC lubricants for highly demanding Military and Commercial Aviation applications:
• AS 9100 Approved Manufacturer
• A leader in manufacturing “Superclean” fluids
• One of the largest MIL-SPEC portfolios with over 30 product offerings
• A leading supply partner to the United States military and numerous global militaries

G-SERIES™ Calcium Sulfonate Complex Greases
Designed for a wide range of applications, from ultra clean environments in food processing, to extreme conditions experienced in General Manufacturing, Off-Highway and Marine:
• Recognized as a global leader in the development of Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease
• First manufacturer to obtain H1 Incidental Food Contact Approval
• Backwardly integrated into the manufacture of Overbased Calcium Sulfonate Grease feed
• Outstanding mechanical stability, water resistance, EP/AW performance and Corrosion resistance