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The Refrigeration Lubricant market remains highly dynamic, driven primarily by consumer based refrigerants and air conditioners, as well as increasing legislation changes to reduce green house gases. EVEREST® Refrigeration Lubricants are designed to impart optimum efficiency performance, wear protection and longer service life. Not only to conventional HFC based refrigeration and air conditioning systems, but also to various new generation low GWP (Global Warming Potential) gases such as R-32 and CO2.

All of our EVEREST® Refrigeration Lubricants are manufactured to exacting standards of high purity, low residual acid value, low color and low moisture. LANXESS’s state of the art manufacturing facilities are fully automated with the most efficient esterification technology employed, this ensures consistent high quality products shipment after shipment.

Key Applications:

•   Household Applications
•   Refrigerators
•   Air Conditioners
•   Coolers
•   Commercial Applications
•   Chillers
•   Ventilation Systems
•   Cold Storage
•   Industrial Applications
•   Cold Storage Warehouses
•   Water Chilling Units
•   Condensing Units​