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LANXESS Lubricant Additives
LANXESS Lubricant Additives business comprises a broad portfolio of Synthetic Base Fluids, Lubricant Additives and Formulated Lubricants, used in a wide range of applications and industries, including: Automotive, Marine, Aviation and Defense and Industrial Applications such as Power Generation, Refrigeration, Mining & Construction, Primary Metals and Food Processing.


Our products enable customers to comply with increasingly demanding government-mandated emissions and fuel-economy standards. Designed to protect engines and drive trains from wear and tear or to extend the life of machinery operating at high temperatures, our products are specifically developed to achieve defined performance and environmental benefits for our customers and downstream users.  

The Lubricant Additives business is globally organized with manufacturing, sales and customer service capabilities in all regions of the world to serve our customer's needs.     

We have earned the confidence of customers largely due to our extensive research and development and technical applications capabilities. We work with our customers to offer them the most cost effective solutions for their applications balanced with exceptional performance.​     ​

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