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In today’s automotive industry, polyurethane technology improves durability, fuel-efficiency, design flexibility and manufacturing processes. Lighter weight parts, higher quality, lower costs, reduced emissions and fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC) are key industry drivers.

LANXESS’s products are used in a wide range of Coatings, Adhesives, Elastomeric components and Foams for automotive applications.


TRIXENE® BI blocked isocyanates and WITCOBOND® polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) are used in primers, base coats and protective top coats to increase durability, chemical resistance and weatherability to extend the life of automotive components and finished metal surfaces. TRIXENE® BI blocked isocyanates provide improved health and safety and help companies meet regulatory requirements by reducing the hazard of free isocyanates.


WITCOBOND® PUDs provide protection and anti-corrosion in these primers and coatings. They are also used in metallic, pearlescent and solid base coats for vehicle finishing and OEM applications to reduce stone chips and improve weatherability. Further, they protect the leather for automotive interiors and seating. WITCOBOND® PUDs for coating of plastic and rubber components enable soft touch for dashboards and other hard plastic interior surfaces. They are also used in the sizing of glass fiber utilized in composites for automotive body parts.


ADIPRENE® and VIBRATHANE® cast prepolymers are used in automotive components increasing the lifetime of vibrational dampening equipment which leads to an increase in lifetime by providing excellent fatigue and compression set properties. ADIPRENE® prepolymers are also used in the manufacture of adhesives for the automotive industry. Typically these adhesives are widely used in all sectors of automotive assembly e.g. window glazing, door panels, seals and structural adhesives. Our ADIPRENE® Low Free (LF) monomer prepolymers can bring significant improved industrial hygiene in automotive assembly plants.


ISOFOAM® rigid and FLEXOCEL® flexible and integral skin foam systems produce foams varying in density, hardness and surface characteristics that satisfy the broadest spectrum of flexible, semi-flexible and rigid foam applications. Applications include RIM automotive parts, Integral skin moldings, thermal and structural insulation such as SIPS building panels and cold rooms. Recognized also as the leader in formulation of S-RIM, incorporating glass matt materials, ISOFOAM® products have an enviable reputation for ease of manufacture and very high quality for structural automotive products ranging from light weight door trims to high density underbody moldings.

Key Applications:

•   Acoustics and Noise Reduction
•   Automotive Adhesives
•   Automotive Body Compoenets
•   Bearings and Bushings
•   Belting/Linear Motion
•   Clear Automotive Doming
•   High Density Underbody Molding
•   Interior Trim
•   Metal, Plastic, Leather and Rubbers Primers, Base and Top Coats
•   Polishing
•   Protective Coatings for Finished Suraces, Leathers
•   Soft-touch Surfaces for Plastic Components
•   Suspension and Vibration - Shock Absorbers