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Whether new construction, retrofit or restoration there is a growing trend towards energy efficiency and increased durability, resulting in reduced maintenance, resistance to natural disasters and safer, healthier places to live and work. Our products provide value by extending the life of roofing and paving components and by preserving wood and concrete.

​WITCOBOND® PUDs and TRIXENE® BI prepolymers are used for wood and concrete floor coatings to enable construction of hard wearing floors by proving scratch and scuff resistance where additional flexibility and abrasion resistance is valued.

QUASILAN® TDI and MDI based liquid systems are used alone, in clear and in pigmented formulations for primers, binders and surface coatings for porous substrates such as concrete, paving and continuous flexible membranes (roofing) to protect against chemicals, abrasion, erosion and general wear.

FOMREZ® polyesters polyols are used in coatings to protect the surface of floors and in paints to help the pigments disperse.

ISOFOAM® rigid molded and sprayed foam systems are used for producing composite panels, ranging from cladding and roofing panels to load bearing SIPS building panels and Cold Rooms. Our non-flammable foam systems are suppllied fully formulated with non-flammable blowing agents which do not deplete the ozone layer and comply to current GWP regulations.

Key Applications:

•   Aggregates and Composites for Paving
•   Coil Coating for Appliances
•   Crack Sealing of Tunnels
•   Fencing and Decking
•   Metal Treatment, including anti-corrosion and electrophoretic coatings
•   On Location Foam Movie/Theater Sets and Property (props)
•   Roofing Membranes and Coatings
•   Spray-Applied for Roofing, Highway and Pavement Maintenance
•   Thermal Insulation and Thermal Break in Windowand Door Profiles
•   Water Seal Injection for Aggregate Stabilization
•   Wood and Concrete Flooring Coatings and Sealing
•   Wood, Metal, Conctrete and Masonry Coatings, Paints and Sealants