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LANXESS Urethane Systems continuously innovates to deliver improved solutions meeting today’s demanding industry and customer needs. To guarantee this commitment we operate a network of industry leading R&D and application development centers around the globe.

This network consists of our world-class R&D, analytical, technical services and application development facility in Naugatuck, CT (USA) as well as industry-leading capabilities in application technology centers in Accrington (UK), Latina (Italy), Nanjing (China), Rio Claro (Brazil), Sydney (Australia) and Mumbai (India).
Our priorities for our innovation activities are

  • Develop and improve LF technologies
  • Improve the sustainability of hot cast systems
  • Develop thermoplastic polyurethanes that bring TPUs to new extremes
  • Enable processing advantages to cast Polyurethane processors
  • Develop and tailor cast systems to replace non-cast materials

ADIPRENE® LF - Low Free Isocyanate Prepolymers

LANXESS is highly dedicated to Responsible Care® and has developed the ADIPRENE® LF product range to help cast polyurethane (PU) processors operate with better health and safety standards. LANXESS manufactures the broadest line of Low Free (LF) prepolymers including LF TDI, LF MDI, LF PPDI and LF HDI for cast elastomer applications. Free isocyanates cause a health and industrial hygiene concern for workers using urethane prepolymers and require proper handling and protective equipment to be used safely.
LANXESS 's ADIPRENE® LF technology enables the industry to meet progressive regulations and labeling requirements restricting free isocyanate. Our ADIPRENE® LF products contain free monomer levels of:

• LF TDI, LF PPDI, LF HDI below 0.1%
• LF MDI below 1% and for special requirements potentially below 0.5%
ADIPRENE® LF Prepolymers have demonstrated improved processing and enhanced performance of the finished components.

LF Brochure Link

MbOCA Replacement Technology

The REACh sunset date for the curative MbOCA is approaching, November 22nd 2017. If the European Commission decides to ban this curative, processors without an authorization will not be able to process or use MbOCA within their formulations in the EU.
LANXESS offers a complete portfolio of MbOCA replacement solutions to meet the various needs of processors currently using TDI/MbOCA or LF TDI/MbOCA systems:

• ADIPRENE® MDI reacted with VIBRACURE® 2101 or VIBRACURE® A263
• VIBRATHANE® MDI Quasi systems
The above 4 portfolios equate to approximately 300 different system permutations capable of being processed without MbOCA.
As a “systems house” we have full access to all available chemistries and have developed unique solutions to meet customers’ needs, whether it is for performance, processing or economic benefit. Our application expertise and formulation know-how makes us the supplier of choice for our customers.

Check out our case study film to see how we are exceeding customer’s expectations.

Elastolan Case Study Leaflet
Elastolan Case Study Video on the LANXESS Youtube channel

ULTRALAST® High Performance TPU

Based on our LF technology, we have developed a range of high performance thermoplastic polyurethanes that bring TPUs to new extremes. These materials combine the properties of thermoset urethanes with the high productivity that comes with thermoplastic processing and can offer substantial savings in production costs.

Using the LF technology to produce a TPU provides an advanced structured morphology that delivers enhanced performance under extreme conditions of temperature and harsh environments.

ULTRALAST® high performance TPUs offer longer component life, the ability to withstand both high and low temperatures with better chemical resistance and superior dynamic properties. Processing advantages include lower required processing temperatures and improved thermal stability for reduced cycle times, easier demolding and better aesthetics. These products can be injection molded and extruded into complex geometries.


RIBBON FLOW® Technology

The most efficient manufacturing technique of rolls utilized in industries such as paper, printing, glass, and metal is via RIBBON FLOW® technology developed by LANXESS. This technology allows the manufacture of rolls via multi- or single-pass techniques offering significant processing advantages to the cast PU processor:
• No requirement for molds for casting of rolls
• Elimination of inter-layer delamination
• Lower energy costs - no post-cure & minimal heating
• Reduced waste - fewer defects & less overbuild
• Lower labor costs
• Shorter turnaround times / higher productivity
• MbOCA free chemistry and mercury free catalyst technology
• Wide range of hardness levels from 70A – 95A, thus minimal stock holding of raw materials
• Avoidance of numerous material changeovers from different formulations

One layer is approximately 5-8mm thick and the overall final thickness is build up over several passes. For example for a final thickness of 40mm, one requires 8 single passes of 5mm each.

One layer is approximately 25-40mm thick and one pass completes the roll. This is technically challenging but leads to very high productivity.

LANXESS has a range of RIBBON FLOW® systems such as MDI ethers, MDI esters and LF MDI ethers.

Check out how the fast single-pass RIBBON FLOW® process can increase productivity – for thick layers in just one pass

RIBBON FLOW Video on the LANXESS Youtube channel

Applications Development Capabilities

LANXESS is a “systems house” with decades of technical experience and the willingness to partner with our clients in new application developments. We stay close to the market to understand emerging technologies, regulatory changes and unmet needs and to strive to innovate and stay at the forefront of technology.

Our regional application development labs work closely with our customers to design urethane systems and processing technology specifically for these novel final applications. With expertise in materials, design, processing and analytics combined with global R&D capability, we provide exceptional product and application development support with outstanding technical service to create valuable solutions for the most complex challenges.

Our Urethane Prepolymers, Curatives, Polyols, Intermediates and Catalysts are formed into components through a wide range of processes, including open casting, centrifugal casting, RIBBON FLOW® rotational casting, injection molding and encapsulation. They can also be formulated into coatings, binders for composites, adhesives, sealants and foams.