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Metal Fabrication

LANXESS offers a portfolio of ADIPRENE® and VIBRATHANE® PU systems suitable for metals. The applications within the world of metal manufacturing benefit from the properties offered by LANXESS’s urethane elastomers such as cut and tear resistance, abrasion resistance, heat and chemical resistance.


ADIPRENE® and VIBRATHANE® prepolymers are used to make components for the metal forming and fabrication process. These cast components benefit from the abrasion and impact resistance, long wear life, dimensional stability, oil resistance, high load bearing and non-marking properties.


Polyurethanes are used in primers, base coats and protective top coats to increase durability, chemical resistance and weatherability to extend the life of metal surfaces. WITCOBOND® PUDs provide protection and anti-corrosion in these primers and coatings. They are also used in metallic, pearlescent and solid base coats for vehicle finishing to reduce stone chips and improve weatherability.


TRIXENE® BI blocked isocyanates provide improved health and safety opportunities and help companies meet regulatory requirements by reducing the hazard of free isocyanates.


Key Applications

  • Cradles
  • Cutter Bars
  • Foundry Casting Pattern
  • Grit Blast Masks and Curtains
  • Hydraulic Forming Diaphragms
  • Metal Decorating Rolls
  • Metal Handling Rolls and Pads
  • Punch Press Die Springs and Strippers
  • Sheet Metal Coaters