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Oil & Gas

The demanding oil and gas industry requires products that are designed for use in extreme and harsh environments. LANXESS offers a wide range of reliable and innovative solutions that extend the life of our customers’ products in these harsh environments. We partner globally with processors, OEMs and end-users in terms of material recommendations, material processing and innovative solutions to suit their high performance demands.


ADIPRENE® and VIBRATHANE® products enable the manufacture of polyurethane elastomer components suitable for the oil and gas industry with exceptional abrasion resistance, hydrolytic stability, chemical and oil resistance.


ULTRALAST® high performance TPUs are specialty elastomers that give strength and durability to high-performance to final applications such as seals.


A range of ISOFOAM® pour, injection and spray foam systems are available for all tank and insulated pipeline applications up to 140°C maximum operating temperature. A comprehensive track record of over 30 years of experience has seen end-uses from petrochemical land pipes to specialist pressurized sub-sea lines for gas and oil.



Key Applications

  • Bend Restrictors
  • Blow Out Preventer (BOP) Seals
  • Cable Protection
  • Dynamic Bend Stiffeners (DBS)
  • Insulated Pipes
  • Mud Pump Seals and​ Valves
  • Pipeline Pigs
  • Shale Shaker Screens