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Paper & Printing

The manufacture of paper is highly technical due to the year-on-year increase of speeds, pressures, flexing and high temperature water resistance. Components such as rolls, de-watering and shoe-pres​s belts are typical components within the paper industry whereupon LANXESS offers excellent ADIPRENE® PU systems for the manufacture of the polyurethane elastomer components, including low free (LF) PPDI prepolymers that meet the most stringent demands.

Key Paper Applications:


  • De-watering Belts
  • Hydrocyclone
  • Rolls for Paper Mills
  • Shoe-Press Belts

The demands of the printing industry relate to the manufacture of rolls from polyurethane elastomers which exhibit excellent solvent resistance and compression set. The most efficient manufacturing technique of rolls for this industry is via the LANXESS developed RIBBON FLOW® technology. This technology allows the manufacture of rolls via multi- or single-pass techniques.


Advantages of this manufacturing technique are:


  • No mold required
  • Low energy costs
  • No thermal cure cycle
  • No post-cure cycle
  • Low labor cost
  • High productivity

WITOCOBOND® PUDs provide durability and longer life for specialty paper coatings, which is especially important for e.g. banknotes and other security documents.​

Key Printing Applications:


  • Rolls
  • Squeegees
  • Specialty Plastic, Paper and Rubber Coatings
  • Printing Inks and Overprint Varnishes
  • ​ ​​​​​​​​​​​