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Recreation & Consumer Goods

Polyurethane is an extremely versatile material that is utilized in numerous recreational products and consumer goods. In these sectors, typical applications for polyurethane systems would be bath and spa, sports equipment and leisure products. Polyurethane chemistry helps product manufacturers meet consumer demand for innovative, durable, beautiful and comfortable products.


Polyurethanes cast elastomers and TPUs are known for their abrasion resistance, low rolling resistance, load bearing, low heat build-up (hysteresis) which are important for recreation and consumer good applications.


ADIPRENE® and VIBRATHANE® urethane prepolymers and ULTRALAST® high performance TPUs are specialty elastomers that give strength and durability to high-performance recreational equipment, such as golf balls, in-line skate wheels and roller-coaster wheels.


WITCOFLEX® coatings and films enable the textile industry to meet their requirements for fabrics that are soft, waterproof and breathable for durability and comfort of leisurewear and sportswear such as tents, rucksacks, luggage, groundsheets and sleeping bags.


A selection of ISOFOAM® foam systems are available for buoyancy applications which include injection and spray foams for pleasure boat building, life-saving apparatus.


FOMREZ® polyester polyols can be used in the manufacture of seating and cushioning, household cleaning products such as sponges and mops and also in packaging applications. Our product portfolio is composed of high quality products with low or no catalysts that contribute to its high reliability.


Key Applications:

  • Amusement Ride Wheels
  • Footwear, Sportswear and Leisurewear
  • Hand Tools such as mallets and hammers
  • Household Cleaning Equipment
  • Leisure Boats
  • Protective Packaging Material
  • Seating and Cushioning
  • Skateboard, Roller Blade wheels
  • Sporting Goods such as golf balls, ball pitching machines, bowling balls and bowling pin setting equipment, ski lift sheaves and surf boards