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Urethane Technologies
​​Chemtura's Urethanes business is a world leader in Hot Cast Prepolymers and Systems and a leading manufacturer of Polyester Polyols, Specialty Aqueous Urethane Dispersions (PUDs), Prepolymers and Additives for Urethanes Surface Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants.  The business also has niche products in high-end Thermoplastic Urethane (PU) Elastomers and Rubber Labels. 

Chemtura is a "systems house" with decades of technical experience and the willingness to partner on client projects to create the best urethane systems to meet your needs.  We stay close to the market to understand emerging technologies and unmet needs and strive to innovate to stay at the forefront of technology.  Our expertise in materials, design, processing and analytics enables our exceptional product and application development capability. Our outstanding technical service creates valuable solutions for the most complex challenges. 

Chemtura's Urethane systems and products are used in the most demanding applications and industries.  Urethane elastomers are known for wear and abrasion resistance, toughness and load-bearing capability.  Our innovative systems are also tailored to withstand the most harsh environments and to provide exceptional dynamic properties for those applications.  Urethane coatings demand wear, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance all for which Chemtura can offer solutions.

We pride ourselves on our innovation and technology leadership.  Chemtura places strong focus on the sustainability of its products and has developed the broadest portfolio of Low Free (LF) isocyanate products –  LF TDI,  LF MDI, LF PPDI and LF HDI – which provide performance, processing and environmental, health, and safety advantages.  We also offer a series of blocked-cure products and one-component systems for applications requiring a controlled cure.

​Our Urethane Prepolymers, Curatives, Polyols, Intermediates and Catalysts are formed into components through a wide range of processes which include open casting, centrifugal casting, RIBBON FLOW® rotational casting, injection molding and encapsulation. They can also be formulated into Coatings, binders for Composites, Adhesives, Sealants and Foams.​​

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